September 6, 2022

Global Supply Inc acquires The Fastener Group
Global Supply Expands its offering and customer reach with the acquisition of The Fastener Group.

Woburn, Massachusetts, September 6, 2022, Global Supply Inc, a Distributor of Fasteners to the Industrial and Defense Market, has acquired The Fastener Group, of Avon, MA. The Fastener Group is Distributor of Fasteners and Electrical Components to various manufacturing sectors. The move to acquire The Fastener Group first started as part of the Global Supply’s Strategy to expand its geography, product offering and customer reach. The process took six months to complete and was signed on July 29th 2022.

The acquisition of The Fastener Group fits into Global Supply’s strategy to expand in the Industrial and Defense Markets. “The addition of The Fastener Group team will greatly enhance our ability offer more products and services to our customers”, commented Scott Robichaud, President of Global Supply Inc. The Fastener Group, will maintain all operations in its current location in Southern Massachusetts, consider a key part of the acquisition. Deena Russo, a key player in the organization, will be the Managing Director of all operations in Avon, MA

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