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Global Supply was founded with the primary purpose to support customers above and beyond expectations.

Global Supply Inc. was founded in 1984 with the Core Value of Service above all else. At the time, national chains were on the rise and along with their rise came a decline in customer care and expertise. Global Supply began with a focus on fasteners for the Industrial market, dedicated to restoring a service model that customers craved. Later the company expanded into Industrial and Jan/San Supplies as customers fell in love with our service and looked for us to expand our offering.
In future years GSI expanded into Defense products, where we built one of the largest knowledge bases of fastener technology. The focus has never changed. We work everyday to support our customers in a manner that is beyond expectations. Our team is made up of industry experts, veterans and support personnel dedicated to making a difference for our customers. Come work with GSI and see the difference!

Global Supply Inc has been assessed and approved by National Quality Assurance, to the provisions of ISO 9001:2015


The GSI managed inventory advantage allows you to focus on your business.

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